TOP of TOPs , Research at the University of Cambridge

In the third year of this project, 12 students will participate from July 21st to August 4th, carrying out research in Cambridge based on their own interests and interviewing world leading experts. We will also visit our alumni community, which includes Dr Yuu Kimata, a group leader in the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge, who will give this year's students a lecture about his experience working in research in the UK. We expect our students to learn how to be globally-minded leaders from these meetings and projects The students will visit Reach Cambridge summer school, where they will live and study with elite students from around the world providing a unique experience that will help them in their journey to be future global leaders.


International Themed Home Room Studies

We are working on various projects and studies, including field work outside Japan, with the aim of nurturing students to be internationally-minded global leaders.

In December we are scheduled to visit Korea, where we will meet and discuss social issues and their solutions with students from Koyan International High School, near Seoul.

Also, we will work with Shiseido Company on Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and later on in October, 2017 to make a presentation of our research on gender equality in society at UN-
Women, the department of the United Nations dedicated to helping women around the world.

2017 Report

Super Global Geography is a social subject at Asahigaoka that focusses on learning about other areas and countries in the world. This targets finding solutions to global problems and how best to share the answers. This is done with an emphasis on critical thinking and presentation skills. In association with multiple universities we encourage students to open their eyes to the rest of the world and acquire the skills needed to thrive in international situations in both academia and commerce.

Forty high school students from the Super Global High School Programme in the Tokai and Hokuriku district will join Asahigaoka's students in our facilities in Gifu-ken to attend a summer course dedicated to developing future global leaders from August 7th-10th, 2017 Along with the high school students, 16 foreign and Japanese university students at undergraduate and postgraduate level will join as seminar leaders. Experts from different fields of technology, commerce and traditional arts will visit the students to lend their knowledge to the course.

We have invited foreign students and nationals to Asahigaoka's home room classes. Each class is given a subject to be discussed with new perspectives being provided by our international guests to give our students insight into living together in an increasingly internationalized world.

Projects and Studies


Takayama Global Summer Festa

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